Monday, February 1, 2010

Wormtown Brewery

You may remember me bitching last week or so about different ventures in town trying to usurp the great name of Wormtown for their own gain.
Well I'm happy to report back on one of the entities I mentioned.
Last week I met with Ben Roesch at the recently built brewery on Park Ave in Peppercorns, and are delighted to tell you he is a fine gentleman and ready, willing and able to embrace our subculture as part of his own. He asked if I would write a history of this little scene for web and publications he has planned, and pledged to work with us to continue to promote Wormtown as what always stood for. Local music and networking here in the center of Massachusetts. Stay tuned here and on Wormtown Brewery's website for the grand opening information. Don't worry Narragansett, I can drink both. Believe me.
I'm still waiting on the Worcester Art Museum.

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glad it worked out - Ben is good people.