Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The ROCK of Boston, WBCN 27th Anniversary

It's been over ten years now since WBCN 104.1 fm left the airwaves. They went on air as a  rock station in March of 1968 and continued through until 2009. They used to celebrate their birthday by inviting Peter Wolf  from the J Giles Band in to host a four hour show. He was actually a disc jockey there in the early days of the station. I always made it a point to listen/record the festivities as Wolf threw the playlist out the window and played the songs he liked, some from his actual record collection. Here we offer you to listen to the 27th anniversary show from 1995 in three parts. Since we all have time on our hands now thanks to the virus, I hope this will help you pass some time.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Ballbusters Interview on WURN.net

    In recent months I've been posting interviews with area bands conducted over the past 20 years or so, but this time we have a current visit by the newly reformed band The Ballbusters. If you're a fan of this blog and the scene in Wormtown, this name is no stranger to you. Led by Rick Blaze until his death in 2011, they played Worcester and the world for years. After the death of guitarist Dave Cuneo in 2013 the band wanted to play a tribute to him as they did with Rick's Passing in 2011. They finally got to do it one afternoon at Ralph's last year and decided it would be time to go forward with this new line up with the addition of Chris Cah Lillyman. But don't read any further, listen to their own story here, recorded March 7, 2020.

              Ballbusters Interview on Mixcloud

Photos courtesy of Mike Malone