Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The USM, Live From Wormtown

  This week we head into obscurity with an interview from August 15, 2002 with Boston band The USM (United State of Mind). Formed around 2000 in The UK by Rocco Antonelli, they put out a 45 called "United State of Mind" and a CD entitled "4 Star Deparados". Upon returning to his home in Boston, Rocco enlisted the talents of Bob Kadlec and John Stone formally of Meat Depressed and Mike Gurley from Darkbuster to create the American version of the group. Many line up changes occurred before they stopped performing and now Rocco resides in Florida. Bob went on to form The McGunks who are still active today. Described as Melodic Rock with a touch of punk, they played around Boston area and beyond before they disbanded.  They had a couple of reunion gigs in the 2010's and haven't been heard from since. This band also holds the record for most beer consumed during an interview at where they made quick work of a 30 pack of Bud.

 The USM, Live From Wormtown  

Photos by Carrie Jo

Friday, August 9, 2019

Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band, Live From Wormtown

 This is a real special one. We left in Wormtown to head to Gloucester to visit with Willie and the Boom Booms who were rehearsing for an upcoming reunion show at the Middle East in Cambridge. I've known Willie since 1978 and have interviewed him many times, but this was the only time I sat down with the entire band. Their careers together started mid to late 70's, playing around Boston and recorded the infamous "Sperm Bank Babies" album live on air at WERS.  Then they went onto record two LPs for MCA Records and tour the US with The Cars, and Elvis Costello. Willie's career goes all the back to the 1960's where he was a member of The Lost, The Bagetelle and even briefly with The Velvet Underground. He then hooked up with Billy Loosigian, Sev Grossman, and David McLean to form one of the Boston areas favorite bands of the early Punk era. They split shortly after the release of their second album but reunited in 2002 to record "Dog Bar Yacht Club" produced by David Minehan. Willie is still recording and releasing music now with his new band The Fishtones and his latest is available online on Bandcamp.

Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band, Live From Fishtown

Monday, August 5, 2019

Milltown #13

  Great afternoon spent at Hamilton Club in Sturbridge this past Saturday for the Thirteenth Edition of Lance Ferrels' Miltown Hot Rod Show. Weather was fine. Beer was cold and cheap. All the bands rocked the pavilion. Here's a sample of the action.  See you next year.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Kris Thompson from Prefab Messiahs Live From Wormtown

This week from 2003, as we prepared for the 25th Anniversary of Wormtown, Kris "Trip"Thompson stopped by to discuss the history and upcoming performance of The Prefab Messiahs. Formed at Clark University in 1982 with Xeth "Xerox" Feinberg and Mike "Doc" Michaud  they joined together to play an updated version of Psychedelic music for the 1980's. Along with their Casio unit called Ringo, they played gigs at Xit and Ralph's and live on the airwaves of WCUW for a fund drives. A recording of songs both live and in studio released on cassette quickly sold out at shows. Disbanding around 1983, the members all moved onto other careers. Then they returned with a vengeance in 2012 releasing an LP of recordings entitled "Peace, Love and Alienation". Catching the ear of Burger Records, they went on to release "Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive" on 10" vinyl and CD in 2015 and "Psychsploitation Today " CD in 2017 to rave reviews. They also have a vast catalog of videos to accompany their recordings available on YouTube. They continue to record to this day and hopefully will have a new disc out soon.

Kris Thompson, Prefab Messiahs, Live From Wormtown