Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sweet Pie, Naked and Famous

There was a time in Worcester, we were starved for any entertainment that wasn't "normal".  We'd seek out strange and interesting acts when they hit town. If ever. Well, one night, at a non nondescript bar on Park Ave, I got wind of performer who billed himself as "the world's only nudist boogie-woogie pianist". Paul Winer, aka Sweet Pie was an old hippie looking dude who did just that. For the next two hours this guy regaled us with tunes and jokes that had us glued to our seats. On a cold winter night he tore up the keyboard stomping and singing about his life and times of being a naked artist in a clothed world. I came upon this old booklet he handed out at the show and thought I'd share it.                       

And, believe it or not, the guy is still around today as an owner of a bookstore in Arizona, Readers Oasis Books, and performing live!

Also had a documentary produced about his career. 
Paul Winer NYC Hoochie Coochie Man from Pierce Cravens on Vimeo.