Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Creatures of Habit, WCUW, c.1983

  Here today we have a old recording from MO's show on WCUW.  Creatures of Habit in an early performance of the band. Lineage goes Blue Moon Band to Creatures Of  Habit to Free Radicals when it came to Bob Peters and Cathy's' early careers. 

 I'll let Dave Mawson of the Telegram and Gazette tell the story, click photo for full view...then click on link below...

Craetures of Habit LIVE

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

La Peste Live at Circe's Bar and Grill

Back in the early days of the Wormtown Scene, we looked to anyone who could help spread the word of what was going on. We looked up to the bands in Boston for inspiration, after all they were big players in the Major city in our state. What better way to promote ourselves if we could get them to come out to Worcester and play. One such band was La Peste, consisting of members Peter Dayton, Mark Karl, and Roger Tripp they were well on their way to dominating the Boston scene with their fast, furious style and ability to pack clubs throughout the city. They agreed to head west and play this gig along with The Blue Moon Band and Crazy Jack. Mike from Crazy Jack was in fine form that night and ended up "cutting" his set short for a trip to the hospital leaving La Peste to play an extended set, which they handled perfectly. Here now for the first time in 42 years is that set.   

Lapeste Live at Circe's, May 12, 1978


Friday, May 1, 2020

Wormtown Punk In Press

Happy 42nd Anniversary Wormtown!! Over the years some of the areas finest local journalists have asked the question, "What is Wormtown?" Here are just some examples of  their finding and articles related to our Rock n Roll scene in Worcester, MA.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Darkbuster, the Lost Interview

   This time we go back to 2006 with an interview and live performance by Boston Punk Rock Band, Darkbuster. I conducted this interview outside Ralph's Diner in the metal carport shelter. Looking through my archives of WDOA.com shows, don't think I ever aired this for some reason. They were just off the tour with Dropkick Murphy's and was the first time the band played Ralph's. Band members gave aliases but as I remember it was Lenny Lasley, Amy Griffin, and Mike Gurley among others I can't recall.  They had just released their CD "A Weakness for the Spirits" and were on tour to promote it. Also, for some reason there are no photos from this show that I could locate, so what you hear is it. As they ran through their set and thrilled the crowd on hand that evening, it was true to what they came to represent. One of the scene's favorite bands. Enjoy!

 Darkbuster, Live at Ralph Diner w/ interview 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The ROCK of Boston, WBCN 27th Anniversary

It's been over ten years now since WBCN 104.1 fm left the airwaves. They went on air as a  rock station in March of 1968 and continued through until 2009. They used to celebrate their birthday by inviting Peter Wolf  from the J Giles Band in to host a four hour show. He was actually a disc jockey there in the early days of the station. I always made it a point to listen/record the festivities as Wolf threw the playlist out the window and played the songs he liked, some from his actual record collection. Here we offer you to listen to the 27th anniversary show from 1995 in three parts. Since we all have time on our hands now thanks to the virus, I hope this will help you pass some time.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Ballbusters Interview on WURN.net

    In recent months I've been posting interviews with area bands conducted over the past 20 years or so, but this time we have a current visit by the newly reformed band The Ballbusters. If you're a fan of this blog and the scene in Wormtown, this name is no stranger to you. Led by Rick Blaze until his death in 2011, they played Worcester and the world for years. After the death of guitarist Dave Cuneo in 2013 the band wanted to play a tribute to him as they did with Rick's Passing in 2011. They finally got to do it one afternoon at Ralph's last year and decided it would be time to go forward with this new line up with the addition of Chris Cah Lillyman. But don't read any further, listen to their own story here, recorded March 7, 2020.

              Ballbusters Interview on Mixcloud

Photos courtesy of Mike Malone  


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Surreal McCoys Live, WCUW, 10/23/91

Formed in the early nineties with members Jeff Crane on guitar/vocals, Cheryl Crane, bass/vocals, Richard Martin, guitar, and Dave Kowalicheck on drums,  Surreal McCoys blended equal parts glam, psychedelia, punk and rock to create an unmistakably original sound. The band played heavily through the years at all the local clubs and spread their music into Diners, Asian Restaurants, Colleges and just about anywhere they could. They went on to record a few songs as demos on Cassette but never saw a full length album released. During the Fall Fund Drive for WCUW in 1991, Jeff and I invited them down to play on Radio Underground, our Wednesday night show. The in house crowd, including Preston Wayne, and Captain PJ, enjoyed the set and  joined in on the encore of "Shake Some Action" by  The Flaming Groovies.  Jeff  now plays in the newly reconstructed Ballbusters and part time  in Classic Ruins, Cheryl went on to playing with The Crybabies, and Michael Kane, and now is the Bartender/Booker at The Hotel Vernon. Dave went onto playing in a host of local bands, currently with Classic Ruins. and Richard, I don't know.  How much money did we raise ? I don't remember. How much fun we had?  Listen and find out!

 Listen to Surreal McCoys Live!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Furies, Live, The Worm Bros, WCUW 10/16/91

   Happy New Year Wormtown!!! Last year I went through my archives of radio interviews from WDOA.com. So, we're kicking off this year with a new project.
   2020 marks 40 years since I started hosting radio programs over various outlets in Worcester. Over at WCUW in 1991, my friend and radio Co-Host Jeff Worm held down Wednesday nights at 910 Main Street, preceding Captain PJ's show. We would play anything from the local bands along with national and international artists of the times. We wanted to better represent the scene by inviting bands to perform live on the air, something WCUW already had a history of doing.
   It was the fundraising period for the station so we invited The Furies to perform in an attempt to entice the listeners to pledge their support. Consisting of Bobby Snow on guitar and Vocals, Steve Aquino on also Guitar and Vocals, Paul Richard on Bass and for this gig, Mike Arguin on drums. Mike, who has toured with Sleepy LaBeef ,was filling in for Buck Burbury who was most likely on tour as he is a drum tech to the stars. Back in those days 'cuw was a fly -by-the-seat-of-your-pants station who's equipment was chugging along as best as it could with limited resources. The beginning of the recording is a little uneven, but it smooths out just fine as the performance goes along. Also in the house that night was Captain PJ who intros the band. These days you can find Bobby Snow playing in a country band called Cactus, Steve is handling guitar duties for the world famous Lyres out of Boston, Paul is a member of Worcester faves The Fearless Leaders, and Buck is usually on tour with Lionel Richie or someone of that caliber. Click on the link below and turn it up!

 The Furies Live on Worm Bros. Show, WCUW, 10/16/91

                                      Photos circa 2007 version of The Furies