Thursday, February 13, 2020

Surreal McCoys Live, WCUW, 10/23/91

Formed in the early nineties with members Jeff Crane on guitar/vocals, Cheryl Crane, bass/vocals, Richard Martin, guitar, and Dave Kowalicheck on drums,  Surreal McCoys blended equal parts glam, psychedelia, punk and rock to create an unmistakably original sound. The band played heavily through the years at all the local clubs and spread their music into Diners, Asian Restaurants, Colleges and just about anywhere they could. They went on to record a few songs as demos on Cassette but never saw a full length album released. During the Fall Fund Drive for WCUW in 1991, Jeff and I invited them down to play on Radio Underground, our Wednesday night show. The in house crowd, including Preston Wayne, and Captain PJ, enjoyed the set and  joined in on the encore of "Shake Some Action" by  The Flaming Groovies.  Jeff  now plays in the newly reconstructed Ballbusters and part time  in Classic Ruins, Cheryl went on to playing with The Crybabies, and Michael Kane, and now is the Bartender/Booker at The Hotel Vernon. Dave went onto playing in a host of local bands, currently with Classic Ruins. and Richard, I don't know.  How much money did we raise ? I don't remember. How much fun we had?  Listen and find out!

 Listen to Surreal McCoys Live!!