Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Furies, Live, The Worm Bros, WCUW 10/16/91

   Happy New Year Wormtown!!! Last year I went through my archives of radio interviews from WDOA.com. So, we're kicking off this year with a new project.
   2020 marks 40 years since I started hosting radio programs over various outlets in Worcester. Over at WCUW in 1991, my friend and radio Co-Host Jeff Worm held down Wednesday nights at 910 Main Street, preceding Captain PJ's show. We would play anything from the local bands along with national and international artists of the times. We wanted to better represent the scene by inviting bands to perform live on the air, something WCUW already had a history of doing.
   It was the fundraising period for the station so we invited The Furies to perform in an attempt to entice the listeners to pledge their support. Consisting of Bobby Snow on guitar and Vocals, Steve Aquino on also Guitar and Vocals, Paul Richard on Bass and for this gig, Mike Arguin on drums. Mike, who has toured with Sleepy LaBeef ,was filling in for Buck Burbury who was most likely on tour as he is a drum tech to the stars. Back in those days 'cuw was a fly -by-the-seat-of-your-pants station who's equipment was chugging along as best as it could with limited resources. The beginning of the recording is a little uneven, but it smooths out just fine as the performance goes along. Also in the house that night was Captain PJ who intros the band. These days you can find Bobby Snow playing in a country band called Cactus, Steve is handling guitar duties for the world famous Lyres out of Boston, Paul is a member of Worcester faves The Fearless Leaders, and Buck is usually on tour with Lionel Richie or someone of that caliber. Click on the link below and turn it up!

 The Furies Live on Worm Bros. Show, WCUW, 10/16/91

                                      Photos circa 2007 version of The Furies