Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Great Clark Swindle

So, there I was in line to see The Clash. A light rain was falling, and some poor kid was looking for a ticket. I had an extra one in the car and I went back to get it. When I got back to Atwood Hall, I was told I couldn't enter due to the show being oversold. Seems they panicked that the show would not sellout and moved it from the original location to the smaller Atwood Hall. I proceeded to the ticket window and got my money back for the five tickets I bought. The nice girl at the window felt so bad for me, she gave me her Clash button she was wearing. (It's on the issue)
Me and my friends went and bought some beer, went down to the print shop where I wrote and printed this edition. We drank some more beer, went back to Clark and put them on all the cars parked near the show. As we approached Atwood Hall I saw the doors were wide open and went in and saw the last four songs they played. The Clash wouldn't go onstage until the powers that be let in all the people who were shut out. All I had to do was stand in the rain for 2 hours and I would have been all set.
Instead, this is what you get.

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