Wednesday, April 30, 2008

January 1985, The Last Issue*

This is it. Started in 1978 , ended in 1985. (* there were two more in 2002, more about that in the future) More Politics as Ronnie Reagan was elected to a second term. Rev. Joe continued in Garageland , The Clash , always a mainstay, were featured as they played in 84 at The Centrum. Yellowman got his due after a show I went to at The Channel,The Odds on two comps, but still never released that elusive 45 rpm record. Willie Loco Alexander continued his legendary career with the release of an ep. And I promised to be on the scene throughout 1985 to keep you informed, but now, as you can see, that did not happen. It was a great leaning experience publishing this fanzine over the seven years of it's existence, and I hope all the readers , then and now, learned a thing or two about Wormtown, rock n roll, and general state of our world.

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