Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Party's Over

But the celebration continues. Thanks to everyone who came and supported Wormtown Music. and thanks especially the bands who lent their talent to to the festivities. I'll let you know when the audio is available on It's gonna take a while. And I'll keep posting stuff here from the archive of the Wormtown Library every so often.

THANKS TO......The Pathetics, The Commandos, Black Rose Garden, The Numbskulls, The Classic Ruins, The Performers, The Odds, The Prefab Messiahs and
Bobb Trimble

And Narragansett Beer and Ralph's

And check out these videos

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Anonymous said...

Even the Ramones grew old in years but remained worthy. It’s inevitable, growing old..but it doesn’t mean we have to totally sell out. That’s the spirit of punk music. Check out these cool punk-theme smileys from ZaaZu. I slip it in my email messages just to remind me and my friends of the angsty wonder years.