Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back from the Beach

Vacation is over. Had a blast on 'ol Cape Cod. Visited the sacred Marconi Site. Sat on the beach for a really long time over several days. Dreamt of Piracy on the High Seas. Drank many a Gansetts. Made fires. Visited The Beachcomber and saw The Incredible Casuals, now in their 28th year of Sunday afternoon gigs at that local landmark. And, along the way thought where to take this blog now that the 30th Anniversary has passed. Decided to keep on with news and happenings here in Wormtown, around Greater Wormtown County, and of coarse on the Worm Wide Web. Maybe not as often, but who knows. And it will still all be here for anyone who's into part of the musical history of Worcester, Massachusetts.

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