Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot Rods, Hot Tunes, Hot Weather

Another show from The Worm Bros on WURN. This time we play songs that are hot!
Cars, Girls,Summah, and Live sets from The Guns Of Navarone,from their show at Ralph's, Pulp 45, and The Preston Wayne Four when they played the Hot Rod show at Ralph's back in May. All that and Jeff's salute to Dr. Albert Hofmann, the man who gave the world LSD. So listen while you're on your "staycation". Who the hell comes up with those words. Is there some think tank full of stupid assholes who make up new words just to annoy the general public. Is that suppose to make you feel good that gas is 4 bucks a gallon and you can't afford to go to the grocery store, never mind the beach? Well, just listen to this and it'll all seem better.

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