Friday, November 13, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

Punk rock returns tonight. Unfortunately, two shows on the same night.
In The Ship Room at The Hotel Vernon, a FREE show with Terribles, Holy Ghost, Mack the Knife, a new band featuring former members of Hoodrat, and The Numbskulls. Did I mention it's free? Also $1 Narragansetts? A show for the unemployed, or just cheap bastards.
Down on Park Ave at Beatniks, The Pathetics along with Billy Claire and Frank Hinckely present an evening of Acoustic music. Nothing like soft, subtle songs to impress that special friend of yours. Prove you have a sensitive side.
Rest up on Saturday because our favorite horror/punk/ska band from down below the Mason-Dixon line, The Independents are in town for one night only at London Billiards on Sunday. Why not take advantage the slowest night of the week for going out, and get over there and see them. They will join forces with The Numbskulls and The Pathetics, who should both be rested up from Friday night.
Call in sick on Monday.

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