Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wormtown Weekend

Time to go!
Friday, head over to Vincents for the roots rock sounds of Jason James and the Baystate Houserockers. They will tear up the mailbox and rip out the floors.
Over at the Hotel Vernon, there is a punk show with bands I'm not familiar with. It's cheap though, so you should go. Check the poster.
Saturday, there's more fun than you can shake your stick at starting over on Highland Street at The Sahara where The Amoebas, Artie Sneiderman and friends, opening up for The Red Riders. If you missed them last time they played, now's your chance.
Beatniks, the site of last weeks shindig for Wormtown, hosts Guns of Navarone and The Stress from RI. This will be the "Ska's not Dead" party, go see why.
And back over to the Ship Room at The Hotel Vernon, The Numbskulls host "Big F'in 7" part two with a bunch of bands I have heard of, but am to lazy to type now. Look at the flyer. You'll see them.
The weather is going to be lousy this weekend, so stay inside the clubs of Wormtown, keep warm and have fun!

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