Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wormtown Weekend's Back!!!

After the week I've had, it's about time.
Printing hell, The Moons of Jupiter, and general mentalness.
Friday at Beatniks, Guns of Navarone skank you into fall.
Saturday, Hot Rod Hell at Ralph's, with bands outside all day and inside at night.
I've even heard Sasquatch will be playing outside at 1 PM. If this is true, it will mark his first time he's been back since he was banned many years ago. Must be there. Preston Wayne Four and Angry Johnny and the Killbillys upstairs at night. Tough choice.
Over at The Hotel Vernon, The Numbskulls celebrate 10 years of punk rock with a little help from their friends.
This is one of the weekends where you can experience Wormtown in all it's glory.
Go Now! Go Mental!

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