Monday, April 9, 2018

Boom Boom Ga Ga!

It was forty years ago when I first met Willie Alexander. I was heading to The Rat in Kenmore Square when he approached us looking for some spare change. "But you just came off tour for your MCA debut album!" I stated. "Yeah, but we already spent all the advance money." Willie replied. How could that be, I thought. When you get signed to a major label, you made it to the big time. That's when I began to learn about the major music business and why punk rock was needed. Things had to change. Over the years I saw Willie change too. From The Boom Boom Band, to playing with The Neighborhoods and Confessions backing him, and his solo recordings, he was the Godfather of Boston Rock n Roll for a reason. Now all these years later he still a vital artist who has maintained his cool throughout. Last weekend we saw a reunited Boom Boom Band performing in Beverly, MA for the screening of "Boys From Nowhere; The Story of Boston's Garage and Punk Uprising" by BFN Film and Chris Parcellin. Although the theater posted signs everywhere saying "No Video", I had to sneak in a couple, otherwise I wouldn't be me. That's part of the reason I was there as I contributed some Real Kids footage to the film. So, here you go. Enjoy!!!

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