Monday, January 14, 2008

Crazy Jack

Here is a photo of Legendary Wormtown performer, Crazy Jack.
I first knew him as Mike Rizutti back in the mid 70's.
We were the best of friends.
He became known for wild antics both on and offstage with his band, The Automatics. They followed The Kuntry Kastinettes, as brave people willing to share a stage with him. The gigs sometimes ended with fights, blood, or arrests, but always provided entertainment.
Along the way we lost touch, and I haven't seen him since 1991 or so.
If anyone has any contact info on him, please pass it along.
I know he's found the errors of his way since, but we all would like to hear him sing his songs once more during the 30th anniversary.

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A said...

Hey - I know Mike very well. Definately saw the errors of his ways! He is the pastor of the Calvary Bible Baptist Church in Danielson, CT. Good luck getting him to sing!