Friday, August 15, 2008

Wormtown Weekend

Motorhead at The Palladium Friday Night , with 10 other bands. If you're into Lemmy and the boys, here is a great opportunity to see them up close and personal. Get there early and be prepared to ROCK!
Slow weekend for Wormtown Punk. No shows that I can recommend. Oh sure there is rock to be had at Ralph's', The Lucky Dog and other venues, but nothing I'm familiar with. Last week there was a show at The Raven on Pleasant St. What's that you ask? The bar formally known as The Cardinal Club is now The Raven. It's not in the best section of the city, and has a notorious past as a tough bar. I was at a wedding party there a long time ago that was broken up by a bar fight after twenty minutes. But , it's only as tough as you are.
Also last week Worcester Magazine's new office was hit by lightning by one of those rare thunderstorms we have been having this Summer. That's what they get for coming up with that "Turtle Boy" name.
Lots of private rock parties in the past and coming weeks to keep me off the Radio. The Worm Bros will be back on with new shows when things settle down.
And next week there are a series of shows to celebrate 30 years of the band Unnatural Axe out in the Boston area. I'll be at the one at the Church on Friday night. Get out of Wormtown and see some of the legendary Boston rock Bands.

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