Friday, August 29, 2008

Wormtown Weekend

It's Labor day Weekend, the unofficial end of Summer. What a weird one it was , too. Most of the time it rained, and lately it seems Fall wants to give us a sneak preview. Not much happening on the punk music scene this week, but there is still lots to do to rock. Down on Millbury St , The Emerald Isle is holding a 4 day tent party to celbrate their rebirth. Friday features Marc Orrell formally of The Dropkick Murphys with his band 57th Clover, and then The Silverbacks which features Jim Perry and Mike Lynch of an old Worcester band I use to see a very long time ago called Albatross. Way back before Wormtown , I use to see those guys at Sir Morgans Cove and The Red Barn among other places. On Saturday , Sal Baglio formally of The Stompers and Jimmy D'Angelo and Code Blue perform. On Sunday, one of New Englands' best blues band , Sugar Ray and the Bluetones plays. Why not just get a room at The Hotel Vernon and stay all weekend.
And Friday night over at Ralphs' Huck and The Bees Knees are making the floor shake upstairs.
And, as it the case every Labor Day Weekend, The Spencer Fair is going on, but I have not been there since they shut down my favorite exhibit, The Beer Tent , years ago. Instead, I'll be at The Spencer Unfair.
And speaking of not drinking, there is Sober in the Sun at Treasure Valley, but I never saw the point of that either.

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