Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wormtown Weekend, Early Edition

Punk Rock at Ralphs this week on Thursday. The Core Four , minus one along with Musclecah and The Pathetics. That's right, Thirsty Thursday leads you to Fucked Up Friday. So instead of fighting your hangover , go to The Lucky Dog for the 15th anniversary show of Rick Blaze and the Ballbusters.Rick has been the worldwide ambassador of Wormtown Rock for years, so go help him and the band celebrate. Also on Friday, Guns Of Navarone open for Black River Sound at Ralphs.
That ought to keep you all busy.

And on a side note, The Wormtown Music Festival is this weekend. Do NOT be confused. This has nothing to do with Real Wormtown Punk Rock. Those hippies stole it years ago, and I do not endorse it. And if I had a cheap lawyer, I'd sue their dirty hippy asses. They never even said thank you.

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