Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wormtown Weekend

There was going to be a great punk show at the Vernon Hotel Saturday, but it was canceled. Rescheduled to November. So instead why not spend the whole day on Pleasant Street at Tammany Hall. Not exactly punk, but sounds like it'll be a blast. I use to live at Tammany for 17 years when I worked right next door at the print shop. Many owners have come and gone since then, and the new guys are really trying to make it special, so go and support them. Or on Saturday you can go to Boston for the annual Hempfest on the common.That always make the evening news,and this year on the Massachusetts Ballot is a question where you can vote to decriminalise the evil weed , so don't forget to vote in November so you kids don't get a criminal record like mine did.
Then on Sunday it's the annual fArt on the Street Festival on Park Ave between Pleasant St. and Highland Strret. Lots of music , food and of coarse , Art.

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