Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Prefab Messiahs

Are now a cartoon!!!!!

They were at The Wormtown 30th, and now are a full color cartoon done by Xeth

"Description: Animator Xeth Feinberg (Queer Duck, Bulbo, PapĆ¼) revisits the misadventures of his early-80s band The Prefab Messiahs. This 3+ minute cartoon/music-video is set in 1982, in a fictionalized "Wurmtown" (aka Wormtown aka Worcester MA). The 1960s Beatles cartoon series is an obvious touchstone.

Cameo appearances include those by Bobb Trimble (at 1:00), Captain PJ (at the end), and Oscar the Squirrel (throughout). This will be the first in a series, we hope!

See more "Xethtoons" at www . xeth . com "

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