Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wormtown Weekend

Halloween falls on Friday this year, so it's an extra special SPOOKY weekend. Zombie Ralph has risen!!! Friday at Ralph's The Steamy Bohemians host Jerkus Circus with Comedians, Burlesque and The Chicken Slacks Soul Revue,featuring Big D on vocals, formally of Worcesters own Rhythm Rockers. Over at The Lucky Dog , The Deadites play their annual Halloween show. Get there early , it's always packed to the roof when they perform.
Saturday,a couple of daytime happenings worth noting. WCUW is having an open house/record and cd sale at the station , 910 main St. from 9 am to 3pm. Go buy some stuff and support them.
The cAnalFest, postponed from earlier this fall, will be held on Franklin St in front of the Garage Mahal, in case it rains, you'll be able to go in the storefronts located there and Union Station. Come celebrate what was once Worcester's largest open sewer.
Later that evening, Flag down Bob from The Hotel Vernon, and hitch a ride on his Wagon to go see Can't Kill Katie and a bunch of other bands in the Ship Room.
Or go to The Lucky Dog for the reunion of Seven Hill Psychos, one of Wormtowns' all time great hardcore bands.
That ought to be enough rock and roll to wake The Dead.
UPDATE!!! Forgot a couple, Jason James is at Hotel Vernon tonight and at Tammany Hall tomorrow with The Guns Of Navarone.

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