Friday, October 9, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

Tonight at London Billiards, Bottlefight come to town to blow the balls off the tables. Athol's greatest will be at The Red Onion in Otter River on Saturday, too.
The rest of the weekend looks like shit as far as punk rock goes.
So I will turn in my badge on Saturday, and do the most un-punk thing imagined.
Over at The Handover Theatre, Ian Anderson, the lead singer and only original member of Jethro Tull is doing a acoustic solo show. Jethro Tull is one of a handful of bands from my youth that I can still listen to, and any time a show comes in or around Wormtown, I'll check it out.

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David Ritchie said...

Not something I've had the occasion to talk to you about, but I'll have to agree with you about Jethro Tull. The first album I ever bought was by Tull, and I still enjoy it.