Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Deadbolt, May 7

This Friday, Club Hell in Providence host "The Scariest Band in the World". From San Diego, California, it's Deadbolt. I first discovered this band by accident. I was Christmas shopping at Media Play at The Worcester Common Fashion outlets, (shows you how long ago it was!), waiting in line to check out, and on a rack of close out discs was their debut CD "Shrunken Head". By the look of it, I could tell they were different. Their music is like the soundtrack to every 60's Horror B Movie, with lyrics to match. As the years went by, I searched out more recordings and eventually got a chance to see them in NYC, when Mike Malone picked that city as a destination for his bachelor party. We had a choice between them or the Fleshtone's. We made the right choice. That was the last time Deadbolt played in the area and I swore I'd see them the next time they visited. They usually play around the west coast and travel to Europe, and are currently on a US tour which has caused some controversy within the Deadbolt community. Just last week, founding member, Bass player RA MacLean quit the band after a "disagreement" with drummer Bad Time Charlie. What this means for the future of the band, I don't know. But I plan to see them now while I can, you should too.
Also on the bill are Evil Streaks and King Sickabilly. Show of the year, so far.

Take a look...

If you're on facebook, there are more, better quality videos. Search for them, if you dare!

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