Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wormtown Weekend

One show of note this week, Moose and the Mudbugs, legendary Boston area band is back together and playing a benefit for Moose's Kitty, Psycho, at the Hotel Vernon on Friday. Although originally from Wormtown, Ed "Moose" Savage made a name for himself in Boomland during the mid 80's heyday of Boston Rock playing in all the best clubs, with all the great bands of the time. Now, he's returning to his hometown on the heels of a couple of gigs in Boston to show you what you've been missing. Also on the bill are Moose and his Litany of Complaints and The Class of '69, an all star line up of former Worcester musicians getting together for the cause. Get there early, help out the poor putty-tat.
Saturday, over at Beatniks on Park Ave, it's a "Night of Navarone", with the Guns of Navarone. Skank till you drop.

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Ed said...

LB: Thanx for the nice mention. Of course, once again, it'll be a "Night to Remember!" Moose and Psycho