Thursday, March 20, 2008

April 1982, Xit Too

Yes, the club we dreamed of opened in March, with Flipper, The Freeze, and The Commandos. Looks like at first there were issues with the closing time. Sound familiar? The Odds were on the brink of releasing a 45. What the hell ever happened to that? Rich Parsons' Future Dads came to town. Also Lou Miami and the Kozmetics. The Jam and XTC release new LPs. All that and more!

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testing said...

wow, great to see this. The Freeze are alive and well... we played a hall show in Worcester last year that went nuts when we broke into Broken Bones... kids knocked the camcorder out of my hands. We're playing Boston on April 7 with Michale Graves... a first time live acoustic by us!

Come check us out...