Tuesday, March 11, 2008

November 1981, No Turkeys Allowed

Boys Life, John Surettes' first band, plays Ralph's for WICN. The Odds and The Nebulas do an afternoon show at The Pub on Park Ave. That was Cactus Pete's up until recently. Let Them Eat Jellybeans, one of the all time great punk comps was released. U2 released "October", who could have known back then they'd become the powerhouse band of the decade back then. And I moved my radio show to a prime spot, Friday nights on WICN. And a review of Willie Loco Alexanders return to performing after a three year absence was the talk of Boston. I believe it was with his band The Confessions. Willie is still around occasionally today, you can get latest CD "Dog Bar Yacht Club" , with the Boom Boom Band online at www.williealexander.com

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