Wednesday, March 26, 2008

July 1982, I Flip For You

The Odds win the Battle of the Bands at Sanctuary. Don't forget they are playing the Wormtown 30th, night two, at Ralphs on May 3rd. Willie Loco live at Xit and on record from France. And The Stray Cats play at the aforementioned Sanctuary in the Worcester Center. I remember that night well. We had them over to the studios of WICN before the gig , someone made Brian Setzer a cake for his birthday with a model 55 Chevy on it. They did an interview with us and then on to the gig. They were still starting to catch on in the US and were very grateful for the airtime. Six months later they were back to play EM Lowes, and they wanted nothing to do with us by then. They were stars and Slim Jim Phantom was dating Faye Dunaway.

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