Sunday, November 23, 2008

Siriusly,You're Kidding Me...

Thanks to the generosity of my wife, Honey Worm, I can now receive my radio cosmicly. I have been wanting to bite at this for a long time, but as an old school radio DJ from the days when cd's weren't even invented,I resisted the jump into interstellar radio. But if it's a gift,all the better. Now as with any new technology at The Wormstead, there is a learning curve. My old Jeep came with a cd player , no cassette. Who needed those in 1995. Set up the receiving antenna, set up the broadcast antenna. Pick a frequency that the astro radio can broadcast to the car radio. No one seems to be using 89.3 anymore. Works great! Now, be careful not to close the rear hatch on the wire....D'OH!
Well, as I mentioned, old school radio type guy, I'll just solder that back together in no time. Wait . WTF is this futuristic miny coax cable thingy? I'm not that good. So I try, and fail at reattaching those wires. Great. I'll plunk down 30 bucks for a new one. But wait. What can fix anything that's broke. That's right. Duct Tape. Fixed it. Ready to blast off to Tomorrow and Beyond!!!!!!!!!

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