Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wormtown Weekend

I don't see any punk rock show happening this weekend. But shows from the old guard abound. And when I say old, I mean old. The band we held up as example of everything that was wrong with rock n roll in Worcester 30 years ago is reuniting for one night only Saturday at The Handover Your Money Theatre. That's right, it's Zonkaraz. They use to pack every club they played in back then , and all the young punks couldn't understand why. Now to be honest, I never really listened to them , so I couldn't tell you what they sounded like. And in the years since, I have got to know one member, Walter Crockett, and can say he's a pretty nice guy. So maybe we were wrong all those years ago, but it sure seemed like the right thing to do.
Friday Night, The Curtain Society is at The Lucky Dog, with a bunch of other bands. Over at Vincents, The Stumbleweeds from Boston are playing their brand of Rockabilly / Country / Americana , and are highly recommended.
And on Saturday the BIG show is Hucks' cd release party at Ralphs. I think this marks their 6th recording and if you go, you get a FREE copy of the release.
Maybe next week, we'll all punk rock again.

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