Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wormtown Weekend

AGAIN, no punk shows in town this week. WTF!!! Oh sure, there's stuff to do at Ralph's, and The Lucky Dog, but where are all the bands who regularly keep us going? The Core Four, out the door? No Public Uproar? C'mon kids, get off your asses and book some shows!! I guess I'll just be forced to talk about other things....

Raise the gas tax 11 cents to pay for the Big Dig? FUCK YOU! Let those bastards inside route 128 pay for it. They're the ones who use it!

About every two weeks when I stop to pick up the T&G on my way to work, the store I stop at on Main St in Worcester doesn't have any due to poor planing on the papers fault. No wonder sales are down.

WCRN is a joke. Ever listen? I do. Peter Blute is a moron who won't even let people talk , he just spews his views and interrupts anyone he has a a guest or calling in. And Hank, I bet you're sorry you left WTAG, because all the talk on the Radio Message Boards is the station has no money and will soon be forced to go away. No matter how many diet pills you hawk or prostrate medicine you shill.

Speaking of WTAG, ever since Obama won the election, Rush Limbaugh has been on a tear. He said he's waging war against the new President and strengthening the conservative right to help him out.

Now don't you wish there was some rock shows for me to write about???

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