Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Joe Sent Me

Last Friday, December 5th, marked the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. That happy time in the land of the free when booze was illegal. In the basement of The Hotel Vernon is what remains of the "Speakeasy" that served as a oasis, in an otherwise dry city. There were probably many more hidden away in the cellars of other buildings around the city, but as I was told this one was never raided or shut down back then. Giving the fact the the owner at the time's brother was a state trooper, it was somehow overlooked. The entrance used to be through the ladies room upstairs, but no ladies were allowed in. The pictures show the old stairway, front room , bar and the "piss trough" that the tour guide said was used on occasion by none other than baseball legend Babe Ruth, as he was known to frequent the bar. A great glimpse of the past of Worcester, and if you're ever in The Vernon, ask for your own tour.

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