Monday, December 1, 2008

WCUW Member Drive

I was surprised today to put on WCUW 91.3 and hear they are now conducting a "Membership Drive". They just ended their "Fundraising Drive" two weeks ago, and that went for 4-6 weeks. Now, I know the economy sucks, and running that station has always been a challenge, but constantly begging for money will only piss off your audiance, not grow your base. When they raised the basic membership from $25 to $50, what did they expect. Sure, we'll pay more money. And if you join now, it's only $35. I bet that will piss off anyone who paid $50 a few weeks ago. I don't blame them for trying, with all the upgrades they made over the past year, but they could have waited until the new year for a new drive. I just put on the Astro Radio and ignored them.

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