Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Wormeve

If you can get by the 4-7" of snow and then cold the weather people are forecasting, there are some great shows going on. No, I don't mean "First Night" crap. Save for Huck and The Bees Knees , there isn't too much worth seeing there. Unless you want to chance their "Teen Showcase" which they describe as, Worcester teens rock at their own venue! The First Night Youth Council has been working year-round to make sure that an awesome line-up will showcase emerging talented high school groups from stompers to hip-hoppers. OH BOY!!!

Over at The Sahara on Highland St, Jubilee Gardens are playing. A very large and eclectic group, you will be amazed by their rhythms.

Down at Nicks on Millbury St, The New Years Eve Party starts at 6:00! Live Jazz, Niki Luparelli, Buffet. Definitely the Hottest performer of the night. Wowee!!

And over at The Lucky Dog , It's all cover bands all night long. Surprise, surprise.

And at Ralphs' It's Huck fresh from there gig at "Last Night", where they probably got paid real good.

Happy New Year Wormtown!! The 30th anniversary ends tonight!!

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