Monday, January 12, 2009

First Anniversary

WOW, it's been a year already for this blog. Where does the time go. I originally started this to chronicle the 30th Anniversary of Wormtown, but decided to keep on going after the party in May. The logo I came up with for that has proven to be the most popular parody of Worcester Marketing that I've ever co-opted . So, now, I've dropped the 30th off of it and added an exclamation point to emphasize that this is where it's at, Wormtown here and now!
Now to celebrate the Blog Birthday, here are some videos from the other night at The Lucky Dog. First is Wormtown Band of 2008, The Pathetics, and two from Sasquatch and the Sick A Billys. They both played to a packed house , and Sasquatch says it's the last time The Sick A Billys will be in Wormtown for a while. He said he'll be back in a couple months with a wild Metal Band he's planning on starting.

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