Friday, January 30, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

Punk Rock Friday at Ralph's Diner. Go out and get down with Sadplant from Connecticut, The Murder Weapon, Punk/ Psychobilly from Maine, Wicked Whiskey, more punkabilly from Boston, Hoodrat , good old fashioned punk rock from Wormtown, and a band called ADX which I can not find any info on , unless they are from France.

A note on Ralph's booking. Dickie, every ones favorite booking guy , has left Ralphs' and is no longer booking bands. After years of providing the club with "talent", he was let go, a victim of the new economy ? Anyway, the new person is "Danielle Freudenthal , Booker/Talent Buyer" and if you want to play there , contact her. What is a talent buyer anyway? What talents does she buy? I know some people with talents, and you could probably rent them , but I don't think you can buy them. Go to Ralph's Myspace for more info and see the"talent" she's got lined up for the future.

A note from Chris Cah, another band he uses his "talents" in are playing The Lucky Dog on Friday and are called Rite of Passage which he describes as Satincore. They are on the bill for the Jagfest preparty. Which leads me to ask, when is the Jagfest?

Also of note, Saturday is the last day of January. Go out , have a drink and say "Fuck Off!!!" to one of the coldest , snowiest, months of the year. February is short , then we will be looking forward to springtime soon. I hope.

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