Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wormtown Weekend, Happy New Year

After 2008, the new year ought to be as nice as Stewie Griffin, so he's my New Year Baby.

Why not start off on the right foot with the shod foot. Kick off the new year this Saturday night over at The Hotel Vernon, there's a big, diverse show with Can't Kill Katie and Hoodrat who host two bands from Virginia Beach, J Karner and the Petersen Bros and The Fastermores, PLUS from Portland ME, Lead Stiletto. The Vernon gets my vote for Bar of the Year in Wormtown for it's line up of punk shows, cheap gansetts, and no cover. How can you beat that?
I would guess in the year ahead they will continue with more.

Speaking of what it was in '08, let's look back.

Bummer of the year: Ralph's Passing.

Show of the Year: DUH! The Wormtown 30th Weekend in May '08 was IT! Wormtown Bands from now and then made Ralph's rock like it hasn't in years! And I heard, The Odds will be back there in March.

Band of the Year: The Pathetics. Releasing two CDs and playing more shows in a year than they probably played in their life, these bastards get my vote. Expect more drunken follies in '09.

Invasion of the Year: The Wormtown Beetles. The Unfab Four Million. That's either the number of them, or the down payment to get rid of them.

Sale of the Year: Womag. What a Landmark this was. Watch it now as it slowly becomes irrelevant.

Pipe dream of the year: A tie. The Blackstone cAnal Repro. Yeah, let's see The Gubmint give you the money to build that now. And Shitty Square, do people really still believe that they will knock down The Galleria? Why not just use it for a Homeless Shelter. PIP with a view.

Radio Station of the Year: WTAG. What? Well even though WCUW got new management, transmitter, online streaming, 'tag lead Wormtown County through the worst natural disaster in more than 50 years with info and updates and letting residents air their complaints.

And finally, Website of the year: Wormtown Taxi. If you really want to know a city, ask a cab driver. Jeff has done a great job, it's the only site I check multiple times a day.

Sorry if I forgot to mention YOUR special contribution to life in Wormtown. Why not try harder this year.

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Jeff Barnard said...

LB, I am truly humbled by your kudos.

On that day, many years ago, when someone at the station first uttered the name, "Wormtown", my immediate response was, "Someone's finally hit the nail on the head..."

Keep on rockin' in the free world!