Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Buzzcocks Live !!!

The Buzzcocks were always one of my favorite bands from the old punk days. I use to think of them as punks' answer to The Beatles, great pop songs about love, girls and such. While visiting their website, I discovered that they are doing a live show in Amsterdam on Wednesday Feb 11 that they will be streaming at 2:30 pm our time. Please be sure you catch it, you won't be disappointed. They will not be touring the USA anytime soon, so this is your chance! The link is Fabchannel.com


Will @ WoWo said...

Buzzcocks, how well I remember them.
Took a while before their LP's made it too CD format. Ordered mine from a company in Germany years ago.

And a interesting postcard.
I collect Wusta postcards off various sites
Go about 150 so far. Thinking of putting them on line.

Tina Z said...

Saw them play Clark a bunch of years ago, was stunned at how short they all were! They still make the rounds in my iPOD.