Friday, February 27, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

What's up this weekend? There are plenty of sites that will tell you what, where and when. This is the only info that matters. And it looks like The Hotel Vernon is the only place to be this weekend.
Friday, The Blow Up Dads and Blue Collar Union drift into The Ship room. The Dads feature Ron Roy, ex of Sheeze Late, and BCU features Jay Riley formally and currently from The Vejtabils, one of Wormtown's founding punk bands.

On Saturday, you know her, your love her, come celebrate Katie's Birthday in The Ship Room with The Numbskulls, Sadplant, The Pathetics, Reign of Pestilence, and from Boston, Not LA, the return of The Groinoids. They were a seminal punk band back in the 80's and they are returning to perform around the region and you need to be there.
I contacted The 'Skulls earlier this week and inquired about a flier for this show, so Alex whipped up that tremendous poster you see here. I had to post both, so you could decide which one represented the spirit of the show better.

Go grab a Gansett, stay for the rock, and say Happy Birthday to Katie. Maybe she'll pour you one.

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