Friday, February 20, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

Just in time for the economic meltdown, the best show this week is free!
The Jabbers, the band formed in 1979 to play with GG Allin are performing in The Ship Room at The Hotel Vernon on Saturday along with The Pity Whores, Slitstich, And Way To Go!, from Portsmouth NH. Those of you who are familiar with GG and his bands, you know this will be a wild night. For those of you who aren't, here's some History.
From The Jabbers Myspace,
20 years later, The Jabbers have reunited to wreak their brand of Punk Rock and Roll havoc once more. Alan Chapple, Chris Lamy, and Mike ODonnell have been joined by new vocalist, Wimpy of The Queers and lead guitarist Harlan Miller, also who played with the Queers and more recently, the Tunnel Rats.
Coolest poster of the week goes to The Dave Rivers Band who are playing the Lucky Dog on Friday. I don't know anything about them.
And also on Friday, The Invictus Music Festival is at Ralph's with Huck, The Shills, The Wandas, and This Car Up. I know only one of those bands, but what does that matter? I'm not here to judge. Maybe you know and love them all. Go anyway.

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