Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ralph's 30th Anniversary

On May 9th be sure to head over to The Diner for what will be a historic event. Celebrate 30 years of the house that Ralph built with Jason James and the Baystate House Rockers, The Odds!!!!, Hot Rod Fury, and Slik Family Orkestra. I'll be posting more history of The Odds, my all time favorite Wormtown band, over the next couple of weeks.

From the official Press Release

The Odds started playing at Ralph's in 1980 and were clearly one of the clubs strongest draws throughout that decade, generating a large and loyal following. Both The Odds popularity and Ralph's own undeniable appeal as "the place to be" were a "right place, right time" match made in rock dreams. The erotic murals that covered the walls, the neon that was everywhere, the motorcycle that hung from the ceiling, the gas pump in the corner, the best juke box imaginable, all inside an old firehouse attached to a 1940's diner off-the-beaten-track in a freight yard unseen from the street. We've (some-what selfishly) tried to set up a diverse bill that reflects the different aspects of The Odds tastes and styles.
At the same time the line-up also reflects the diversity of Ralph's Diner over these many years.
Decadancing in the 80's. The mystique remains, the rock n roll moves forward.

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