Friday, April 17, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

I waited this week to make sure there were no last minute shows to list. I waited. And waited. There are no shows worth listing here this weekend in Wormtown. Oh sure, there is stuff going on, but nothing I would recommend. I looked at Ralph's line up and said "huh?" I looked at The Dog's listing and saw it's Grateful Dead tribute time. I can't believe people still are into that crap. I also saw somewhere that the Dead is touring this year. Some things never change. I never understood the appeal of that band.
There are some great shows happening this weekend, but they are all in Cambridge. So get out of Wormtown on Friday and go to TT the Bears for the cd release party for Muck and The Mires new disc "Hypnotic". Also on the bill are The Woggles, legendary band from Atlanta.
Then on Saturday night at The Middle East, it's Super Rock time with The Fleshtones. I looked at their schedule and saw they were playing in Hartford on Thursday, and Cambridge on Saturday. Why didn't some "Talent Buyer" in Worcester line up a show here on Friday? Any way, Lyres are on the bill with them so it's be a show and a half.
There's also some kind of Metal Fest happening at The Palladium, but I'm not into that.
I'm either too cool, or not cool enough.

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