Friday, May 15, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

All the action is on Saturday Night this week, the 51st anniversary of LB Worm.
We'll start at Ralph's with a fun filled Punky Reggae Party featuring The Cool and the Deadly, Destroy Babylon, and Wormtown's own Guns Of Navarone. The place will be groovin all night.
Next, over at The Lucky Dog, the hugely popular Green Street Music Series is back with the songs of REM and U2 performed by a group of some of the best players in town calling themselves Rattle and Hum. If this is your scene, best to arrive early as this is always a sellout.
Then over at The Greyhound Pub, just down Green St, are The Pathetics, performing their punk rock classics acoustically, which believe or not, is quite entertaining, along with Frank Hinckley, from The Raw and The Allens.
And finally, over at Vincents, it's the return of Psychobilly Cadillac. They will be ripping it up and shakin' Suffolk St. until the wee hours of the night. Just don't ask Frank to get you a beer.
So much action in one night. Flip your own mental coin.

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