Friday, May 29, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

The weekend is here, and it's time to play.
Friday, The Fighting Cocks, featuring Jamie Severance of Wormtown faves Unattached are at JJ Sports bar in Northboro. I know, why not in the city? I asked Jamie that same question last time I saw him and he said his band can't get a gig at Ralph's. Boy, how times have changed. So do them and yourself a favor and head down Route 9 for an evening of great music.
Saturday, Sasquatch and the Sick A Billys return to the Lucky Dog for The Holy Hell Hoedown IV. Sasquatch has recently been touring with his Psycho Metal band and putting the Sick A Billys on hold, so here's you chance to see them in town again.
Over at The Ship Room at The Hotel Vernon, it's another FREE punk show with Gas Attack, Slitstich, The Allston Pants , and those TV Stars, The Pity Whores. In these tough economic times, there is no better way to fight those cover charges and drink 1 dollar Narragansetts. The folks at Narragansett have launched a new website that you should check out. Especially the Gansett Girls. Another reason to love that beer.
And finally, if you are in Madrid, Spain, Lyres are playing on Saturday at Caracol for Go, Sinner Go! vol 4. I'll be there!!!

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