Monday, August 31, 2009


Things have been slow here at The Wormstead lately.

You may remember my vacation post,where I was injured in a freak fall while camping in the Berkshires, that resulted in breaking and dislocating my 2nd toe on my left foot. It was supposed to be a fun week with me and The Wife and members of The Numbskulls and Musclecah, getting out of Wormtown and into the deep woods of western Mass. for a little fun and relaxation.

That ended my vacation and began my up close and personnel with the Health Care System that has been the subject of many heated town hall meetings this past month.
After returning to Wormtown I was advised by my doctor to let the injury settle for two days and then see where it was at.
Where it was at turned out to be infection-land and off the St. Vincents for a five day stay that consisted of surgery, pain killers, needles poked into my body several times a day, that wonderful food they serve, and of course being awakened in the middle of the night to see how I was doing. But what a view of Downtown I had, as the workers make the road over for some strange reason. People using that crosswalk were taking a chance with that unfinished medium in their way. The cars don't know where they should stop since they moved the end up about 20 feet.

After that, I was released home where I must daily dose myself up with antibiotics for the next 6 to 8 weeks. I am limited in my movements due the big plastic boot I have to wear to prevent any contact with anything that might do further damage. So here I sit, in a recliner watching mindless daytime tv and surfin' the Interweb.
The care I got from my doctor, the hospital, and all the nurses employed there was first rate. If people say health care is broken and needs fixing, they should visit a hospital soon.
Everything seems ok to me.
But then, I have insurance.

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Jeff Barnard said...

Best advice: Remain calm while dealing with any of the billing errors they make, claiming that you owe just about everything.