Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Woo

Is this really what people are now referring to this city as?
C'mon, you can't do any better than that?
I know, this coming from Me, the guy who came up with Wormtown 31 years ago.
At least Wormtown has some notoriety. A label for the punk rockers. An identity far removed from the status quo in Worcester.
Let's take a look at the use of this new (?) term.

There is the Woo Card, something college kids use to find out what is going on culturally.

The Woo Bus,a ride on the road to Nowhere.

The Woo Church, an alternative Christian Church in Main South.

The Big Woo, a sound drunk girls make in clubs when they are having fun.

And then there is this. I contacted Bill Kelly, The King of Real Rock n Roll Radio on WFMU in New Jersey. He was a college student at Holy Cross in the sixties, when the term was originated...

"We preppy Holy Cross snots regularly referred to Worcester as Wootown between 67 and 71. I can remember getting hammered and spinning around on my ear, ala Curly Howard, bleating "woo woo woo woo" to the delight of my fellow Worcester mocking friends. We were also amazed at how bad the weather was compared to other parts of Massachusetts. When it was drizzling, that was known as "Worcestering". I also recall a weekend in November when there was 18" of snow on the ground in Wootown and only a dusting in Foxboro. The one thing we all loved about Wootown? The Miss Worcester Diner. That's high praise coming from those of us who grew up sampling the myriad of fabulous diners here in the diner state of NJ. Thee most delicious veal parm sandwich I ever had. Period. Probably the most authentic diner ambiance too."

So there you have it. It's an old term , rehashed to be the most lame nick name this city ever had. After all, this isn't Wooster. That's in Ohio.

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Jeff Barnard said...

errrr... this Bill Kelly story is kinda hard to swallow, LB. But we can both ask around at the party this coming Saturday. Are you going? If so, CU there!