Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

Start the weekend early!
Thursday at The Lucky Dog The Pathetics, Critical Condition, Public Uproar, and The Flock Of Assholes are sure to show you what Wormtown Rock is all about. Best line up I've seen in quite some time. And if you go to The Flocks Myspace page, they have a coupon you can print out for free admission!!
Friday, the action continues at The Lucky Dog with Jason James, Sawmill, Cobra-Matics, and Girl Haggard, a new band from Providence you should see that play "Country and Eastern" music.
Funny how the punk rock action has shifted this week to a club that usually features cover bands, and across town at Ralph's there's a cover band playing. The Chicken Slacks, who play soul and R&B covers, are onstage Friday night. I have tried unsuccessfully to check out "Funky Fridays" for 3 months now, but I hear it's a happening.
Over at Tammany Hall, Guns of Navarone, who I understand just won Best Ska Band in The Turtle Boy thing, are on the bill with three other bands whom I never heard of but maybe you have. See the flier.
So get out and rock! Good original music is hard to come by here nowadays, jump on it!

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