Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Willie Loco!!! (Wicked Long Post)

Boston rock legend Willie Loco Alexander celebrates his birthday today, and we all want to wish him well.
He was the inspiration for me staring the Wormtown Punk Punk Press back in 1978 after I read the fanzines he was putting out to promote himself and The Boom Boom Band.
Over the years he has been a true friend, often sending me discs of new material he's working on before anyone else gets a chance to air it.
To say he is a legend is putting it mildly. He started out in the sixties playing with The Lost, moved to the soul driven Bagetelle, filled in with The Velvet Underground when Lou Reed left, had a self produced recording career before forming the Boom Boom Band and getting signed to MCA records, traveled the world to high acclaim with them and on his own, and still to this day makes vital and exciting music with The Persistence of Memory Orchestra, The Fisheye Bros, and others.
Take a long look at some of the promo stuff I have collected over the years, check out some videos, and look him up online. You will still be able to find cd's and records if you want to purchase them.

Watch his performance at Church a Palooza Sept. 20, 2009

And North Shore Jazz Project

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