Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wormtown Weekend

This year is sure off to a rockin' start.
Friday at Nick's on Millbury St, James Keyes has a CD release party for his new disc, "Ruminations" You know him from The Numbskulls, right? Helping him out that night are Boston and Maine String Band, Steve Cummings from Bottlefight , and Jason James, who says the performance is being filmed and recorded, so be a part of that. Get your Woo Hoo's out.
Saturday, over at Ralph's Angry Johnny is back in town with his Killbillies. Not only that, but Slitstich is coming out to play their first show of the new year, so it's gonna be mental. Rounding out the all out blowout are Planetoid from Outer Space and Hot Black from Allston Rock City.
So, no excuses get out and enjoy the new year and this beautiful January weather we are experiencing. I heard sometimes it gets cold in the wintertime.

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